Festival of Stocks #103

The Masters are honored to host the 103rd edition of Festival of Stocks, so without further adu, let's begin the Festivus for the rest of us.

First up, let's review stocks and securities recommended by the blogs after all it is the Festival of Stocks:

Zachary Scheidt from ZachStocks.com writes about American Water Works Co., Inc. (AWK) - Flooding Impacts Earnings
The stock may be a strong short candidate and currently sits below the IPO price of $21.50.

James Cullen from the CollegeAnalysts.com sends Primus Guaranty and the Viability of the CDPC Model.

Dividends4Life brings us -  Stock Analysis: Chevron Corporation (CVX)

From Fat Pitch Financials, Tender Offer Walkthrough, United Rentals.

The Dividend Growth Investor talks up State Street Corporation (STT) Dividend Analysis

From Stock Research Portal Blog, Amar chats up How to Read Analyst Reports

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festivus poleThere are a ton of personal finance and debt related posts that don't get into specific stocks but here they are, que the Festivus Pole of Self Promotion:

Rebalanced My Roth 401k does just that, rebalances a 401k.

Buying Penny Stocks talks about, guess what?   Thinking of buying Penny stocks?

Roth IRA explained breaks down IRA's for teenagers.

Destroy Debt talks about Debt Management Companies.
From the Money Answer Guy - How Do I Keep From Getting Hit With Credit Card Charges?
American Consumer News : Financial Plan to Implement Now: Emergency Fund

KCLau's Money Tips: How a medium family can retire comfortably (Real Life Case Study)

Thus concludes the Festivus, thank you to George the Founder of FatPitchFinancials.com for putting this all together. 

Fat Pitch Financials

Contact George and his crew if you would like to host Festival of Stocks.

And finally,  a message from another George...