EU Kicks Stocks Down Again

Groundhog Driving the Car - Movie - Big Pic

We must be stuck in Groundhog Day because everyday we wake up stocks are falling thanks to the EU demise.

Today is no different, the major indexes are down around 1.5% and the rich only care about how they lost a few bucks on Facebook (FB).  Cry me a river.

Stocks are down because Greece is killing us all, pushing our precious equities off the cliff into a bottomless pit.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Markets are swooning in Europe and the U.S. as investors become increasingly skeptical that European leaders will succeed at jump-starting the region's economy and preventing a messy exit from the euro by Greece.

The euro fell to its lowest level against the dollar in nearly two years as confidence in Europe's common currency continued to erode. Stock markets in Europe and commodities prices also fell sharply.

European leaders are meeting to try and find a way to keep the region's debt crisis from spiraling out of control. They're also seeking ways to promote jobs and growth.

Here's how the indexes are trading right now: