DryShips: $5 to $1 stock in 30 past days

DryShips Inc - Picture by Bidness Etc

DRYS is a falling knife, sinking ship, and more.

DryShips Inc (DRYS) was $5 on Dec 23 2016 compared to today's price of $1.16 - another 52-week low. Shares of DRYS are down 76% in the past month and shareholders are wondering where is the bottom?

DRYS dropped another penny while writing this article and now stands at $1.15. Volume on shares of DRYS has been screaming the past week and today with a few hours before the close DRYS has passed 40 million shares traded. The 5 day loss is at 46% on DRYS shares from the $2 level. All that selling appears justified now that the company has announced... DUM DUM DUM! 

A Reverse Stock spit.

That's right, for every 8 shares you own of DRYS you now get 1 share. The split is effective next Monday, Jan 23. A desperate act by the company to keep it's shares on the NASDAQ before desliting occurs once it gets below $1.

DRYS has 69,357,841 shares as of today, after next week it will be approximately 8.7 million shares. 

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