3 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Dividend Stocks

Quality Dividend stocks are the only way to play this market.  We review three of them that are Mastery worthy.

Right off the bat we are reviewing General Electric (GE), SYSCO Corp. (SYY), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).  These are the 3 magic stocks you should be considering for growth, dividend, and a solid company that will prosper in 2012.


Mastery expects the Talking Heads to zero in on dividend stocks in the coming days as we try to decipher earnings seasons and deal with the EU debt issues.  We recommend reviewing these house hold name stocks that big money will be considering as their clients look for safety.  Cash in on a dividend and a company with an established business model.  Fitting the bill would are General Electric (GE), SYSCO Corp. (SYY), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) shares are at $63.26 and pay a 3.6% annual dividend yield.  Yesterday the world's 2nd largest maker of health-care products raised its guidance.  The stock is down 1.5% following its earnings call.  What the Street didn't like was that consumer sales dropped 2.4%.  JNJ shares have traded between $59.08 and $68.05 over the past 12 months.  Johnson & Johnson now trades with a P/E Ratio of 18 and EPS of 3.5.  Its the perfect time to get in on the stock while its falling with everything else.  Mastery expects JNJ to be trading back at its 12 month high by the fall of 2012.

SYSCO Corp (SYY) happens to be the only publicly traded food-service distributor in America.  Its a quiet stock that doesn't swing like crazy, YTD its up 1.6%.  SYY shares have traded between $25.09 and $32.76 over the past 12 months.  SYSCO trades with a P/E Ratio of 15.2 and EPS of 1.95.  SYY trades at just below $30 and has a 3.6% annual dividend yield.   SYSCO picked up European Food Imports Ltd., a specialty food supplier in the Midwest and South and signed a deal with Dickey’s Barbecue, a fast growing restaurant chain, to provide the company with food service products.

General Electric (GE) trades at $19.17 and pays a 3.55% annual dividend yield.  GE has backed down 10% from its 52-week high.  GE is a stock the Masters love to buy when it falls. As we said on April 10th -- Let the market tank. Then buy the ultimate global, financially safe, and stable growth company -- GE.

Bottom line: Its time to review quality and popular dividend plays such as GE, SYY, and JNJ.  Big money is watching them as well.