New highs for Star Wars, New Lows of it's Parent Company shares

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DIS is now under $100 a share.

Star Wars Ep. 7 is now the highest earning movie of all-time. Despite it's success the company who will be profiting, Walt Disney Co. (DIS) is hurting. DIS is down on ESPN blues and being hit hard due to the decline in all stocks. We reached a point where this may be ready for a bounce.

Disney (DIS) shares fell to the $98 level today and finished at $99.40. That makes a 12.5% decline in DIS shares in the past month and more than 5% in the new year. The average target price on DIS is $118 according to

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
DIS $99.55 $122.08 $90.00 20.31 4.90 -22.63% 11.20% $118.00 18.53%

Mastery expects more target price reductions to come in on Disney from the analyst community. However at the moment DIS according to the analysts think the stock could gain 18% in the next 12 months. Cable cord cutting is going to kill Disney's revenue and that part of the business is dying. Walt Disney takes in about 44% of its revenue from cable services such as ESPN, A&E Networks and ABC. 

At some point analysts are going to say Disney has dropped to far too fast. We expect that to come soon. Given the S&P 500 is down close to 5% in 2016 stocks like Disney (which are big with trusts, big funds, pensions, etc) are going to be looked at to make a comeback.