How much longer can Streaming Pirate Sites Survive?

Netflix Interface - big pic

Movie4k and others can't last forever, can they?

Still enjoying not paying for Netflix or HBO GO and going with the pop-ups, freezes, and viruses and others give you? It won't last for long and the buffering will get actual paying customers.

Comcast and other cable giants are making sites like Movie4K more difficult to use. Users of Movie4K, Yifi, NooBroom, Putlocker, Viooz and others (those are the most used illegal streaming content sites where folks are watching movies and TV shows yet not paying for them).  However those sites are nothing in comparison to the next big threat in illegal online streaming -- the DarkNet.

darknetThe Dark Web or DarkNet is the a place where very evil and illegal activity is taking place.  Many of us are too afraid (and for good reason) to ve

nture onto the Darknet but soon it could become common place.  Right now the DarNet is host to terrible streaming sites that are operated by terrorist (not mentioning them to limit their search results). 

Comcast is not preventing its customers from using the DarkNet. Jared Fogle, yes that Jared from Subway was rumored to be using the DarkNet for his shitty interests. Fogle could get up 50 years when he is sentenced next month, he pled guilty to to child pornography charges and having sex with minors. 

This article will not provide any details on how to gain access to the DarkNet. Google it, you'll find your answer if you are so inclined.

Jamie Bartlett explains how and why the DarkNet will gain in popularity before you know it. Did you know Facebook has a website on the DarkNet?

darknet2Jamie Barlett-- 9/29/15

The best way to understand how an illegal online drugs market works is to buy something from it. That, however, creates fairly obvious difficulties, as Jamie Bartlett explains.

When I was writing my book The Dark Net, about internet subcultures, I wanted to explore the deeper and darker sides of internet behavior, and by extension, human behavior. But this required pushing the boundaries of what I could do legally — and morally.

I was faced with this dilemma: should I explain how these infamous markets work in theory, mainly by having them described to me? Or should I try to understand these markets in practice, based on personal experience — even if it meant getting in trouble myself, or, worse, telling people how they could do it themselves?


This was a tricky question, but not a new one for a journalist. That’s why, in the UK and many other countries, in some circumstances, if I can show that breaking the law for a story is in the public interest, I can avoid a criminal charge. So, after much deliberation, I clicked the buttons, communicated with a vendor, placed the order, paid my crypto-currency, and waited for the drugs — a tiny amount of marijuana — to arrive at my home address. To be honest, I didn’t expect a knock at the door from the police (I suspect my book publisher would have been quite happy if they had got in touch), and I didn’t get one.

A free society best functions with a free press (and free citizens) that seek to expose, understand, explain what’s really happening in its darkest corners. But for good reason, there isn’t a public interest defence for everything. For instance, journalists have asked me if weapons and assassinations are also available on the dark net. I’m sure they are, but I’m not willing to try to find out. There’s a strong public interest in knowing, I think, but I’m not prepared to risk it.  

It’s the same story trying to investigate illegal pornography networks. There is no public interest defence for looking at child abuse images for research — and besides, I fear the psychological damage it might cause. But exposing illegal pornography’s secrets does require some understanding of how it is seen and shared. For my book, I focused on an individual who had been recently convicted of possessing child abuse images, and on the Internet Watch Foundation analysts whose job it is to remove this material from the web. Through them, I quickly learned how easy it was to find illegal material online. But even saying this, of course, might encourage other people to go looking for it.