Worst Headline of the Day: Demi Moore's Diet


This just in, the Sun Times lead story is 'Demi Moore’s daily diet: Red Bull, lettuce, a tablespoon of tuna'.  Unbelievable.

This is too good not to print, just what does Demi consume on a daily basis.  It's awesome.

(SunTimes.com) “She’s more obsessed with it than anyone I’ve ever seen, and this is Hollywood! Where everyone is nuts about dieting and staying young,” said a veteran agent and Moore pal. Apparently, Ashton Kutcher’s estranged wife’s recent daily diet has been “Red Bull for breakfast. Red Bull for lunch. Red Bull for dinner, with a lettuce leaf and a tablespoon — yes a tablespoon! — of tuna fish thrown in. … That’s it.”.  Read the whole story at SunTimes.com.

Sounds yummy doesn't it.