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    darknet2Jamie Barlett-- 9/29/15

    The best way to understand how an illegal online drugs market works is to buy something from it. That, however, creates fairly obvious difficulties, as Jamie Bartlett explains.

    When I was writing my book The Dark Net, about internet subcultures, I wanted to explore the deeper and darker sides of internet behavior, and by extension, human behavior. But this required pushing the boundaries of what I could do legally — and morally.

    I was faced with this dilemma: should I explain how these infamous markets work in theory, mainly by having them described to me? Or should I try to understand these markets in practice, based on personal experience — even if it meant getting in trouble myself, or, worse, telling people how they could do it themselves?


    This was a tricky question, but not a new one for a journalist. That’s why, in the UK and many other countries, in some circumstances, if I can show that breaking the law for a story is in the public interest, I can avoid a criminal charge. So, after much deliberation, I clicked the buttons, communicated with a vendor, placed the order, paid my crypto-currency, and waited for the drugs — a tiny amount of marijuana — to arrive at my home address. To be honest, I didn’t expect a knock at the door from the police (I suspect my book publisher would have been quite happy if they had got in touch), and I didn’t get one.

    A free society best functions with a free press (and free citizens) that seek to expose, understand, explain what’s really happening in its darkest corners. But for good reason, there isn’t a public interest defence for everything. For instance, journalists have asked me if weapons and assassinations are also available on the dark net. I’m sure they are, but I’m not willing to try to find out. There’s a strong public interest in knowing, I think, but I’m not prepared to risk it.  

    It’s the same story trying to investigate illegal pornography networks. There is no public interest defence for looking at child abuse images for research — and besides, I fear the psychological damage it might cause. But exposing illegal pornography’s secrets does require some understanding of how it is seen and shared. For my book, I focused on an individual who had been recently convicted of possessing child abuse images, and on the Internet Watch Foundation analysts whose job it is to remove this material from the web. Through them, I quickly learned how easy it was to find illegal material online. But even saying this, of course, might encourage other people to go looking for it.


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    Liquidity Rout

    "The Fly" Founder
    3 hours ago 
     There's no point trying to figure out the market. The last 20 minutes of trade was totally dictated by high speed computer generated sell orders. The market went from flat to down 220 in the same time it takes to eat a ham sandwich. There’s no trading that sort of tape, unless you’re positioned for a late day melt down. The next phase of this market will likely change patterns, in order to destroy those who are trying to game the casino.  Continue..
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  • IPO of 2014 that is a Buy (SYF)   3 years 3 weeks ago

    General Electric Spin-Off: 3 Reasons to Consider Buying

    We're just days away from General Electric (NYSE: GE) officially spinning off the consumer-focused portion of GE Capital, Synchrony Financial, and there are three reasons why I am considering buying shares.

    1. Powerful industry dynamics
    One of the most fascinating things about Synchrony Financial is the industry position it finds itself in. Like Discover (NYSE: DFS) -- which is a company I think very highly of -- it offers banking and financial products to customers without the need for branches -- known as direct banking.


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    How are people not going to know Bruce Wayne is Batman with that chin?

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    Another shot of Eva proving she's not airbrushing those bad boys:

    eva green real fun bags

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    I honestly forgot Sony even HAD a PC business... that in itself may be telling...

  • The Next Movie2K.to Could be Coming   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Wow, some very impressive Alexa.com numbers.  No wonder everyone is pooping their pants.

    Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit movie2k.to:

      Reach % Change
    Yesterday 0.351% -24.09% Change in Reach % over the trailing 1 day period
    7 day 0.510% +19.8% Change in Reach % over the trailing 7 day period
    1 month 0.436% +7.6% Change in Reach % over the trailing 1 month period

    No. 17 in Germany

    Global Rank 
    Germany Flag 17
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    As great as a $1 dividend is, Tellabs shares will most likely fall 20% after the payout.  The stock ran up for reason and if you are playing this it may just make a you a few bucks or net zero.  Then again perhaps the shorts will get trapped after Dec 21st.  Regardless its going to be fun to watch the activity on TLAB in the next week.  Buyer beware.



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  • Zillow (Z) is down but not out   4 years 41 weeks ago

    "model was developed in a down economy" - funny, I thought Z was founded, launched and grew during the hottest real estate market in history."...and agents would only pay when they need leads." Agents ALWAYS need leads. Success in real estate sales depends on your ability to generate leads. You either do that yourself, or pay someone for them.

  • Zillow (Z) is down but not out   4 years 41 weeks ago

    As you wrote, "Zillow is switching from making money primarily on advertising to making money by providing leads to real-estate agents and mortgage lenders"What you failed to see is that real-estate agents would not pay for leads as much as they do when the economy and real-estate is down (model was developed in a down economy). Zillow mobile used by buyers while shopping for a home however in most cases they are already working with an agent but still like the touch and feel estimate / appraisal value out of the online application. Again the consumer doesn’t pay for this service / information and agents would only pay when they need leads..  

  • 15 Obama Stocks to Buy for a 2012 Win   4 years 41 weeks ago

    We find a few more for our readers:

    • Robocop - Guns, Guns, GunsStocks to Buy: Guns, Guns, Guns
      Better buy your guns and ammo today, you may never get a chance ever again.

      That's the ridiculous attitude of all the President Obama haters out there that are pushing up shares of Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (SWHC) and Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. (RGR).  However bullet maker Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) did not jump today and it could be waiting to pop.

  • Stocks to Buy: Guns, Guns, Guns   4 years 41 weeks ago

    I agree man, the rally in RGR and SWHC is a little bit rediculous. Obama was a congressional law professor, I'd like to think that he respects the right to bear arms. We'll see what happens but I think RGR and SWHC shareholders have a rude awakening in store - similiar to the 50% haircut shareholders took back in late 2007 after he was elected for his first term.

  • Up in Smoke with Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC:CVIV)   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Michael Llamas finally "tripped himself up" in one of his many scams. I told him several years ago that he was going to jail. He is a thief & has ripped off all who have been financially involved with him. MJNA is the "Grandaddy" of all of his scams. If the investors only knew.      

  • Cobra Commander - GI JOE Movie   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Se habla Espanol?