Google Now Provides the Best High Yield CD Rates

Google Compare CD Rates, Checking and Savings RatesMove over,, here comes Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) with their own CD, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Checking, and Savings compare tool.  You can find the best rates nationwide and local offers using your zipcode.

Google has made comparing rates easy, intuitive, and not busy with all the competitors sites ads and akward navigation to decipher.  Hands down Masters, this is the best CD online tool we have ever experienced and of course its from Google.  Enter and see for yourself.

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Here's what Google has to say about their new tool Comparison Ads:
We are constantly looking for new ways to help you find what you’re looking for on the Internet. Comparison Ads is an experimental feature that allows you to easily find and compare credit card and banking offers more efficiently -- without revealing your personal information up front.

With Comparison Ads, you can spend less time filling out forms, and your information will not be revealed until you proceed with a full banking or credit card application. Offers from Comparison Ads are provided by publicly available data from the web and are ranked based on the criteria that you choose for your results.

We’ll be evaluating the feedback we receive to determine the benefits and value of Comparison Ads for our users.

What we care most about is the CD rate shopping tool , find that at

Google CD Rate Compare

The ability to select a time frame and quickly view the results is outstanding.  The sort options on any one of the fields provided on each CD listed is a huge bonus. You can click on the Term Length, APY, etc and your results are sorted as desired.

We love that the main navigation fields in the left margin also work with the sort options, allowing you to get what you want quickly.

The Zip code field allows users to find local deals, similar to but Google trumps the site due to its intuitive and clean navigation.

Fellow Masters, check out and bask it its marvel.  As we said, you can also shop for mortgages and credit cards without giving your most vitial information over.  Google is slowly and surly taking over the world and we for one, completely approve.

After all...