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Have this stock on your radar in case the market continues to fall.

If you are a constant reader of Stock Mastery, you know that we rarely look on the short side. So far in 2013, shorting anything has been a sucker's bet.

Told you not to Sleep on Zillow

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We told you twice in Nov. not to give up on Zillow.  Congrats to those that listened

Zillow (Z) shares are up 12% today, one of the few winners on a dismal trading day.  Zillow shares are up 89% since we said 'buy' back in November.

Zillow Bounces Back

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Mastery told you to get on board, the big Z is gaining back market cap.

Zillow shares fell off a cliff earlier this month (losing 25% of its value overnight) and the pain finally ended around Nov 16th.  Mastery talked up Zillow on Nov 8th in Zillow (Z) is down but not out.

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Ali Baba and the 40 thieves would steal these stocks if they could.

Zillow Inc. (Z) shares were crushed this week to the tune of almost one-third of their values.  Despite the Zillow jump off Mastery believes it could be a great opportunity to buy on weakness. Silver via the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) makes a compelling trade and we review the latest Obama Stock Picks.  Stocks that could benefit with four more years of Obama include Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (SWHC), First Solar (FSLR), Vanguard Health Systems Inc. (VHS), and more. We review the week a la 1897 Beastie Boys.


Zillow (Z) is down but not out

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Shares of Zillow are down 27% in the last five days. Here's why the sell-off is overdone.

Zillow (Z) shares got a swift kick in the nuts thanks to soft Q4 guidance. Q4 guidance is for revenue of $30M-$31M, below a $32.5M consensus. Q4 adjusted EBITDA expected to total $3M-$3.5M, down from Q3's $7.6M.

Roulette Number 7

This week is all about housing, with Existing-home sales, new-home sales and quarterly results on tap from Toll Brothers.

The 3 stocks we recommend looking at are Zillow (Z), D.R. Horton (DHI) and KB Home (KBH).  The data should give a strong indication of the end of the spring home selling season, which by many accounts, was stronger than expected.