DOW 15000

The Dow breaks 15,000 and we find what will keep running.

The Dow Jones hit 15,000 and now we focus on which equities could keep running higher.  We turn to the true stock masters are Goldman Sachs (GS) and find a few our own picks.  It was an incredible week and we turn to the magic 8-ball for help.

Gone Fishin Hottie Perfect

These stocks are at critical junctures.

So far in May, equity investors have done anything but go away. Here are 5 stocks to add to your radar for potential breakouts.

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An incredible bullish week and Mastery has the stock picks for you.

Another historic run for U.S. equities with the Dow Jones hitting the 15,000 mark.  We still believe there is hope for such stocks as International Business Machines (IBM), Boise Cascade (BCC), and Telsa Motors (TSLA) to keep running.  There was a great new GTA V trailer released but we are holding our breath on Take-Two (TTWO) shares.


Waiting on Take-Two

GTA 5 Chick

New trailers for GTAV came out this week and they are dope.  The stock however is not.

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) continues to trade all over the place (and will continue to) until their Q4 earnings reports in 10 more days.  We finally get to hear how Bioshock Infinite sales have impacted the bottom line.  But the wait for earnings could shake out more investors.

Road Warrior Movie - Mad Max 2

Stocks so money you may want to harpoon another car on a desert highway in the near distant future.

It was a huge week for some Mastery favorites which include Take-Two (TTWO), Dendreon (DNDN), and perhaps a chance to gamble a few bucks on $2 stocks.  Those two buck chucks include Metalico (MEA).  It's hard to believe MEA has fallen so hard, which is why we want to give it a look. 


Niko's Revenge: TTWO Soars


Take-Two shares are up 18% this week.  We were all over this one.

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) is on the offensive, the shorts are feeling the pain.

Fight Club - Ed Norton Couch (Big Pic)

Another Mastery Rewind that is more exciting than flipping channels at 2 AM.

Mastery brought Leap Wireless (LEAP) to your attention last week, the stock finally had a great move today and closed up 4% to $6.02.  We remind you again why LEAP is worth a look along with Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) and if you really feel lucky -- SodaStream (SODA).  Get ready for a great Super Bowl weekend as we begin the

GTA V Delayed, TTWO falls 7%

GTA 5 Chick

Icahn must be pissed. 

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) shares fell 7% today after announcing that Grand Theft Auto V is delayed until Sept 17th 2013.  The news could have been worse and don't forget TTWO still has BioShock Infinite ready to release on March 26th.

Lando Disguise

These stocks don't need a to hide behind a lame Lando disguise.

2013 is just starting and the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are already up 5%.  It's time to identify a few stocks that will continue the run this year and weather any unexpected EU or U.S. Congress debacle.  Mastery is all over it including such picks as Verifone Systems Inc. (PAY), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Leap Wireless (LEAP), and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).

Wall Street Bull

We've talked up these five stocks before and they just started to move in 2013.

Since we all have short attention spans, we will cut right to the chase.  The five stock picks we are endorsing for 2013 and beyond are Verifone Systems Inc. (PAY), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Leap Wireless (LEAP), and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).