Beat Street Roxie

What stocks are worth doing the backspin over...these bad boys.

This week Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) showed up on our radar and we believe its time for serious consideration now that its backed down in price.  The Apple (AAPL) bashing is way overdone and silver is worth a look. If you want to play with a $2 stock (and please don't bet the farm) consider Microvision (MVIS).  All that and more as we review the week.

Microvision (MVIS)

Perhaps the worst article title ever, but what the hell. does it daily.

That brings us to Microvision (MVIS), it made the cut this weekend at as a potential cheap stock that could bounce. 

Robocopy - I'd buy that for a Dollar

Jones Soda, Microvision and PokerTek are all trading under $1.  They haven't been delisted yet but time is limited.

Here are the facts, PokerTek, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTEK), Jones Soda Co. (NASDAQ:JSDA), and Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) are still trading on the NASDAQ.  However don't let that fool you, these stocks are either an incredible bargin for trading under $1 or very close to going out of business.