Mit Romney and Terminators

Coming next month to Netflix.

Netflix (NFLX) is the one stock we wish we all bought this year.  In 2013 the stock has rocketed an incredible 306%.  


Holy Mitt Stocks Fall Hard

Mit Romney and Terminators

What a knee jerk reaction from the markets, its bullmitt.

Stocks are falling hard today thanks to an Obama win and the fear of the Fiscal Cliff hits home hard.  It's a big whatever and very sad considering this is how equities repay investors for finally selecting a President.  Its beyond stupid.

Obama comes out Swinging

Obama Spiderman Cartoon

Oh its on.

President Obama went after Mitt Romney on his "47%" comment and had a moment when they compared pensions.

Big Bird - Who is Mitt Romney

We think we know what Big Bird would say.

Sorry PBS and Big Bird, you are out of a job when Mitt Romney becomes President of the U.S.A..  At least that's what the internets is all a buzz about as we head into the weekend.

Mit Romney and Terminators

The verdict is in and its glowing for Mitt Romney.

The internets and media machine is saying Mitt Romney won the first Presidental debate.  We got the stocks that will benefit the most under a Mitt Romney Presidency.

House Party 2 - The Movie

The House Party could come to screeching halt.

This just in on the day before the big debate.  Mitt Romney he might be willing to reduce income tax deductions used by millions of families for home mortgage interest and health care costs.

6 Million Dollar Man Robot

We rewind the week and embrace our soon to be President.

It was a tough week for stocks Masters.  However through the fire we found some stocks worth looking at including some equities that could benefit under a future President Romney.

Mit Romney and Ronald Reagan

A Republican back in the Oval Office could help stocks rally like they did when Reagan took office in the 80's.

Sometimes history does repeat itself and during these extreme uncertain times, having a Republican President could save our stocks.  We would all love to believe that Obama can be re-elected and the job that is needed to get America back on course.  As an investor, I'd rather have my 401(k) increase and my personal portfolio recover to my 2008 level and more.