Mastery reviews the best and worst stock picks of the week, oh behave.

Facebook (FB) was an absolute disaster and volatility cooled its jets.  Mastery found some stocks worth checking out including Deckers (DECK) and Take-Two (TTWO).  We also reminded readers about how well stocks do in election years, get ready Masters.


Lando and Boba Fett - Big Pic

Mastery reviews the week and find some decent stock picks worth trading.

This week Mastery found a few stocks worth your time including Xerox (XRX), The Volatility ETF 'VXX', Netflix (NFLX), Groupon (GRPN) and more.  Its the weekend so enjoy your favorite beverage and let's get into some fun and exciting stocks.

Beatles Grafitti

Thanks to the violent swings of the market and disappointing earnings some quality stocks went on sale.

Some great stocks hit new 12 month lows this week or came damn close.  That would be shares of Ford (F), Netflix (NFLX), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Corning (GLW), and Xeorx (XRX).  Then some other ridiculous stocks also hit new lows including Facebook (FB), and Zynga (ZNGA).  You can bet traders will be deciding whether to buy these stocks on the dip or keep shorting them.


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Another week has gone by, let's drink up Masters.

Wal-Mart (WMT) continues to press higher to all-time highs and its making 6 people in particular extremely wealthy.  Nokia (NOK) finally bounced while we dream of Peabody Energy (PEA) bouncing.  Take it away Saul.

Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death

Mastery rewinds the week and finds some great buys and stocks that deserve the kiss of death. 

Stocks closed the week strong with the Dow Jones up 200 points on Friday.  Mastery recommends reviewing the stocks highlighted in the articles we published this week.  Netflix (NFLX) and Jamba Juice (JMBA) have finally bounced back and there are plenty of beat-up stocks to review such as AMD (AMD), Nokia (NOK), and others.

Banksy - I want Change

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and since the market is closed we review the week.

July 4th 2012 is here and volatility while it stays (hopefully at record lows).  None the less its time to review some of the best stock picks of the week including some defensive plays, short squeezes, and anything but RIM.

Big Trouble Little China - Lightning Dude

June is over. Let's rewind and focus on the stocks that will keep running higher.

Fellow Masters we ended the final trading day of June in a solid bull run.  Finally a decent day for our 401(k)'s and long positions.  Mastery found some defensive, silver, and video game stocks that deserve your attention.


Shaq Fu - Super Gay

Shaq your Fu as we rewind the week with the best stock picks for summer 2012.

Fellow Masters (all 10 of you) thank you for reading and here are the best stock picks of the week.  Welcome summer and should we rally we have got the line-up for you including Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), J.C. Penny's (JCP) and more.

The Highlander - Original

Mastery breaks down the week and explains why there can be only one.

Another mixed bag for stocks as we close out June 15th and into the weekend.  Mastery found some stocks worth investigating further including Zillow (Z), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Safeway (SWY), Yelp (YELP), and more.  If you are still trying to find an entry point for Facebook (FB) shares, keep waiting.


Graffiti - Bomb Tea

Mastery had some outstanding content this week packed with stock picks ripe for the picking.

During the week we went looking for stocks under 10 bucks and came up with three for our readers.  Many stocks were down at their lowest levels this year and we were all over them.  Including some of the most powerful financial institutions in the world like Goldman Sachs (GS) and JP Morgan (JPM).  Let's review the week and identify the articles and stocks worth considering.