Forgetaboutit - Sopranos

Another week gone by, forgetaboutit.

We rewind the week and check out the pin action on Apple Inc (AAPL), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and consumer awareness with yogurt and expiration dates.

Bizarro Justice League

Of course the stock market is up, everything is fine.

The market has decided to come roaring back in the last two weeks.  If only we made our cash move but instead played it cool and missed out on a 6 to 8% return on the major indexes since last June.  None the less Mastery wants you to take a look at Apple Inc. (AAPL) and T-Mobile (TMUS).  Let's get into it Bizzaro style.



Stocks fell, we warned you. Now it's time for review.

We told you to sell before the big Powers-that-be met for 2 days and dissapointed the market (recall Waiting to Trade). Now that stocks have tanked, let's get into it.  We want you to consider Suntech Power Holdings Co ADS (STP), Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X Shrs (NUGT), ProShares Ultra S&P500 (SSO), ProShares Ultra Financials (UYG), and the iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction (ITB).


Banksy - Follow Your Dreams

The best of the week and free online movies?  Sure.

Mastery rewinds the week and puts the focus on Zillow Inc (Z), Foot Locker (FL), and the all new free Netflix --  U.S. equities could not make up their mind this week and as a result all the major indexes dropped (again).  What stocks should you be conserind and avoiding?  Behold the greatness of the Stock Masters:


Goodfellas - Pesci and Ray (Large)

Stock picks worth considering and illegal streaming madness.

T-Mobile (TMUS), VMware (VMW), and the rebirth of Movike2K as Movie4K were the stories of interest this week.  Movie4K has started to bring back its content to various flicks but the site is only 1/2 of what it used to be.  VMW finally bounced back off its lows and TMUS has more to prove.

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Mastery reviews the stocks that did work this week.

For a second week in a row the major indexes closed in negative territory.  However Mastery did nail the bottom in the silver miners including Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI) and Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW).  We also caught Facebook (FB) at its low and found a reason to hold onto T-Mobile (TMUS).


We go in search of stocks that will still run with the bulls.

Fellow Masters as we close another week we are going back to basic hedge gold and silver plays. The few positive stocks today are Silver Wheaton (SLW), Silver Standard Resources (SSRI) and Kinross Gold (KGC). Let's rewind the week and find some other stocks worth reviewing.

DOW 15000

The Dow breaks 15,000 and we find what will keep running.

The Dow Jones hit 15,000 and now we focus on which equities could keep running higher.  We turn to the true stock masters are Goldman Sachs (GS) and find a few our own picks.  It was an incredible week and we turn to the magic 8-ball for help.

Bull Wall St Stockmasters Logo

An incredible bullish week and Mastery has the stock picks for you.

Another historic run for U.S. equities with the Dow Jones hitting the 15,000 mark.  We still believe there is hope for such stocks as International Business Machines (IBM), Boise Cascade (BCC), and Telsa Motors (TSLA) to keep running.  There was a great new GTA V trailer released but we are holding our breath on Take-Two (TTWO) shares.


Linkin Park

We rewind the week before we get one step closer to the edge -- and break.

Mastery found some stocks worth looking at including .Hershey (HSY), SunPower Corp (SPWR), and TransCanada Corp. (TRP). There is no doubt that American solar stocks had their moment in the sun this past week and that trend could continue.