Dividend Stocks

With 2012 running out of time these 3 companies are going to bat for shareholders

Oracle Corp (ORCL), Tellabs Inc (TLAB) and Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) are paying out special dividends before the end of 2012.  Here's the details and when you need to buy to cash in on the one time special 2012 dividends.


2012 Movie - Big Pic

As 2012 comes to a close the dividends ramped up like the world was ending.

Dividends are being pushed hard and fast before the Fiscal Cliff could push everything over the edge and result in higher taxes for 2013. Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and Tellabs (TLAB) were the extreme examples of this craze and we've got when you have to buy to get it.  Let's hope more 'special dividends' come our way before the year is up. 

Lucky No. 7 Dice

Halfway through the week and these 3 stocks are too good to wait until Friday to recap.

Zillow Inc. (Z), Corning Inc. (GLW), and Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) are stocks we want you reviewing before the week is over.  All three are moving higher with Zillow leading the pack to close the day up 4%.

Leaving Las Vegas - Buying Booze

A great reason to buy LVS before Dec 10th.

Looking for a stock with a quick dividend turnaround?  Then turn toward the Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) which is going to pay out $2.75 per share for shareholders of record on Dec 10th.


Fight Club - Blurry Tyler we Trust

Some of the popular stocks we follow fought back from the bottom with mixed results.

Mastery identified some stocks fighting to move up since hitting 12 month lows last week including Netflix (NFLX), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Znga (ZNGA) and more.  We also found a few stocks worth checking out including 3D Systems (DDD) and the VXX.  We relive the first week of trading in August 2012.

Behold the greatness.

Mike Tyson - Punchout Screen

Stocks fought back today despite the bloody ears.

Shares of Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Netflix Inc. (NFLX), Zynga Inc (ZNGA), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) and even Facebook (FB) bounced today.  This week they all got a piece of their ear removed and hit new 12 month low prices.  Today they have finally reversed course.

Beatles Grafitti

Thanks to the violent swings of the market and disappointing earnings some quality stocks went on sale.

Some great stocks hit new 12 month lows this week or came damn close.  That would be shares of Ford (F), Netflix (NFLX), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Corning (GLW), and Xeorx (XRX).  Then some other ridiculous stocks also hit new lows including Facebook (FB), and Zynga (ZNGA).  You can bet traders will be deciding whether to buy these stocks on the dip or keep shorting them.


Tyson Ear Bite

Not every stock this week enjoyed running with the bulls, we review the ear bites.

Shares of Facebook (FB), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Netflix Inc. (NFLX), Zynga Inc (ZNGA), and Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) all got a piece of their ear removed hitting new 12 month low prices.  Mastery believes a few of these 5 stocks can return to greatness but not all of them.

Covered Call Picks (FB,CHK,LVS,USO,C)

covered calls beavis

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Thursday 07-26-2012. These are for the September Strike. You can tell volatility is down when the best options premium 2 months away is 10%.

What's a Covered Call?

The covered call is a strategy where an investor writes a call option contract (sells an option) while at the same time owning an equivalent number of shares of the underlying stock.If this stock is purchased simultaneously with writing the call contract, the strategy is commonly referred to as a buy-write.

While you may have heard that trading options is risky business, covered calls are actually a very conservative strategy, and most brokerages even allow retirement IRA accounts to write covered calls.

Ticker Company Price Strike Bid Return Expiration Date
FB  Facebook Inc  26.9 27 2.7 10.10% Sep-12
CHK  Chesapeake Energy Corp  18.2 19 1.3 7.10% Sep-12
LVS  Las Vegas Sands Corp  36.4 37 1.9 5.20% Sep-12
USO  United States Oil  33.4 33.5 1.6 4.90% Sep-12
Citigroup Inc  26.3 27 1.1 4.30% Sep-12

Leaving Las Vegas - Buying Booze

After-hours the Las Vegas Sands is falling hard like Ben Sanderson.


Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is at $35 a share after-hours which makes it a fresh new 52-week low.  The Sands reported earings after the close and its forecast is not what investors wanted to hear.