Nokia under $2 a Share

Nokia Lumia 900

More of the same for Nokia, another day another 12 month low.

Nokia (NOK) shares are under two dollars and got as low as $1.78 today.  Nokia's share price decline continues and its now back to levels not seen since 1994

Nokia Lumia 900

In the last 30 days Nokia shares have lost 30%.  Have they finally bottomed?

Got three dollars and some change, then you have enough to buy a single share in Nokia (NOK).

Nokia now a $4 Stock

2 Dollar Bill

So much for a $5 stock, Nokia is now just above $4.

Nokia (NOK) sank to a new 52-week low today and hasn't been at this price since 1997.  The company reduced its guidance and traders spanked Nokia a new one.