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Of course the stock market is up, everything is fine.

The market has decided to come roaring back in the last two weeks.  If only we made our cash move but instead played it cool and missed out on a 6 to 8% return on the major indexes since last June.  None the less Mastery wants you to take a look at Apple Inc. (AAPL) and T-Mobile (TMUS).  Let's get into it Bizzaro style.


Sites like Movie4K

Minority Report - Movie Tom Cruise

Our readers asked for it, here is the list.

Freeloaders are everywhere on the internets, and when it comes to Netflix like sites, Movie4K takes the crown.  There are other streaming sites like that don't require you to download.  What are they and are they any good? 


Netflix Interface - big pic

What else can you use besides Netflix to watch movies and TV shows online? 

The obvious and perhaps best user experience to watching movies and tv shows online is Netflix (NFLX).  They are the setting the bar and their user friendly-intuitive design is the standard that everyone else is copying.  If you want to watch movies from your laptop, XBOX 360, PS3, tablet (iPad, Nexus 7, Nexus 10) then this is the list you have been searching.  Believe it or not, there are free versions of Netflix on the web however they are not legal.


Hip Hop Pool Party with LL COOL J

Water can be found at a Hip Hop Pool Party.  Super. How about investing in water?

When it comes to investing in water then you must have U.S. companies Flowserve (FLS) and Pentair (PNR) in your arsenal.  However the best bet for investing in water and solving all it's unique challenges and the companies that make up the trade world wide check out the 'Water ETF' -- PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (PHO).


Wall Street Bull

We've talked up these five stocks before and they just started to move in 2013.

Since we all have short attention spans, we will cut right to the chase.  The five stock picks we are endorsing for 2013 and beyond are Verifone Systems Inc. (PAY), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Leap Wireless (LEAP), and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).


Do you like Fish Sticks? Do you like putting Fish Sticks in your mouth?

Everyone likes Fish Sticks, so we'll assume the answer is yes.

Minority Report - Glass

Sometimes trends take a while to develop. Here are 3 which may take until 2014 to be fully realized, but will be worth the wait.

Mobile Payments

When to Sell a Stock?

1-2-shabadoo BIG for Main Pic

3 Tips to know when because it's not a profit until it's cash in your account.

WHEN TO SELL.  This serves our fellow Masters that are new trading stocks or perhaps need a gentle reminder on when to cash in.  If you have bought securities or are thinking about it, you have to know when to sell them to cash in your profits.  Worse yet if you are losing money on a stock/security you thought was wonderful, you have to cash out before it goes to nothing.

Monopoly Man - Retire Early

Exit the rat race ASAP and start your retirement early.

After you have been in the workforce for at least a month, it doesn't take much convincing that retiring early would be a wonderful. The years pass by faster and faster as we age and if you don't start planning today, you could come up short when you hit the average retirement age of 65.  Mastery offers up five helpful tips on how to save a nest egg big enough to exit stage right from your career as soon as possible.

Peter G and his money Poker Face

How can you keep your cool and not lose your shirt?  Mastery explains.