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We screamed at you when it was at $9, today its back to $11 in less than 6 months.

Congrats to those that listened to us when we were pimping Ford Motor Co. (F) at $9.09.  Today is was one of the few stocks that advanced amongst a day of recovery after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.

Time to Look at Ford

Ford Motor (F) - Large Image

We've said it before, now hear it from someone else.

WallStNation dives into Ford (F) -- Ford Motor (F) continues to rebuild from the ashes of 2008 as the only American automaker to not take a bailout. 

Ford Motor (F) - Large Image

Ford could be the ideal pick for your IRA.

Ford Motor Co (F) has lost all its gains since 2009 after making an incredible comeback.  Ford is trading at a new 52-week low today falling under $9 a share. 

Ford up 8% since Mastery said Buy

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We informed our readers to give Ford (F) a chance back on Jan 10th, the stock has increased 8.5% since then.

Masters recall our article Warming up to Ford when Ford shares were trading at $11.74.  Fast forward two week later for a nice 8.5% gain as Ford shares sit at $12.81.

Warming up to Ford

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When it comes to buying a stock because of its CEO, the choice is easy -- Mulally and Ford.

Ford Motor (F) shares are starting 2012 well, already up 8.8% and rising on steady volume.  However the stock is way down since making its 2008 comeback, down 61% from its 12 month high.  This great American story is trading cheap, with a P/E of 7 and under $12 a share.