Holy Shizz: Fiscal Cliff Avoided!!

Rad - The Movie

Wow, just in from Reuters.  One word -- Rad.

Just before 10 PM we have a deal!  Reuters - The White House and congressional lawmakers have reached a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" that would delay harsh spending cuts by two months, Obama administration officials said on Monday.

Boehner Cliff 300 Style

Live streaming and minute by minute coverage of the 'Fiscal Cliff'. 

Thank you WSJ.com, they have a special page on their website that provides live streaming coverage of the 'Fiscal Cliff' drama.

Banksy - Clean Indian Paintings

Fiscal Crap, Volatility returns, and maybe faith in Large Caps.

The last full week trading in 2012 was vexed by 'Fiscal Cliff' sorrows.  Its taking away everything from our equities.  Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel with large cap stocks, four in particular.   Mastery turns to  Anheuser Busch (BUD), Walt Disney Co. (DIS), The Coca-Cola Co. (KO) and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).

Banksy - Follow Your Dreams

This week was ruined by the U.S. Government but we found some stocks to consider.

Another unbelievable week of witnessing the failure of comprise by the once most powerful country the United States of America.  Its beyond anything anyone living has ever experienced in the U.S. and it stinks bad.  However Mastery did find a few stocks to consider going long on including Verifone (PAY), Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS), Chipotle (CMG), McDonalds (MCD), and Take-Two (TTWO).


Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death

U.S. Taxpayers should not have to pay salaries for these shitboxes destroying our equities.

He said, she said... none of us care Boehner.  You said $1 million, Obama countered with $400K, then the GOP dropped the ball.  We are moments away from the credit agencies downgrading the United States of America (again).  If that happens then stocks will really tank. 

Friday Stocks Go Down the Hole

300 Movie - This is Sparta Kick

With Boehner's Plan B defeated expect terrible trading Friday.

If you haven't heard Plan B has been dropped and Dow Jones Futures are down 200 points.  Expect a terrible day and a kick in the pants for your 401(k), IRA's, and personal trading portfolios.  It's going to suck.

Fiscal Cliff: Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste - CTRL C CTRL V

Boehner's speech today (Dec 11th) was a big cut & paste job.  No progress has been made.

Once again we have no solution to avoid the U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff'.  Groundhog day continues.

The quote of the day came from Boehner himself:

Boehner Cliff 300 Style

We get an update at noon today (Dec 11th).  If it was really good news wouldn't Obama be talking?

Hold your breath until 12 PM today.  That's when we get word from House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) on the status of the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  Let's hope its good news and the market reacts as such.  However if it was a solid deal wouldn't President Obama be addressing the public?  Maybe he wants to let Boehner enjoy the spotlight?  Our questions will be answered soon and our equities depend on it.

Fiscal Cliff Update: Not Good


You guessed it, we are still F'd.

The latest headline from Forbes says everything you need to know in one sentence -- Here's Your Update On The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations: Both Parties Agree That the Other Party's Proposal Stinks.  The madness continues and we are running out of time.

Mr. Burns - Evil

Mr. Burns explains the 'Fiscal Cliff' in terms we can all understand.

Bravo to 'The Simpsons' and their take on the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  An explanation by Mr. Burns is classy and actually -- makes total sense.