Beat Street Roxie

What stocks are worth doing the backspin over...these bad boys.

This week Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) showed up on our radar and we believe its time for serious consideration now that its backed down in price.  The Apple (AAPL) bashing is way overdone and silver is worth a look. If you want to play with a $2 stock (and please don't bet the farm) consider Microvision (MVIS).  All that and more as we review the week.

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Silver is finding support at the 200 day Moving Average. Time to back up the truck.

We've been pimping silver since $27, and we were dead on.

These are the Stocks you are looking for

Here are 3 stocks that we expect to bounce from Trendline Support.

The stocks in question are Medivation (MDVN), BankFinancial (BFIN), and Denny's (DENN).

A trend line is a bounding line for the price movement of a stock.

A123 Systems worth Pennies

Pennies - U.S. Currency (Big Pic)

A123 Systems is now only worth pennies on the dollar.

Sad night for A123 Systems, Inc. (AONE) shareholders with shares down almost 50% after-hours.  Come Tuesday AONE could be worth nothing but spare change.

Banksy - I want Change

A few stocks to go long on and others to run from.

This week we watched AMD (AMD) hit a new low, found some stocks to short and a few worth going long.  Making the bullish cut were VCSH, FSLR, and SPWR.  Going short included LNKD, LORL, and ULTI.

Breaking Bad - Drying Money (Walter White)

Even Heisenberg could be convinced its a good investment.

The Vanguard Short Term Corporate Bond ETF (VCSH) just may be the answer for a risk adverse investment for the remaining of 2012.  U.S. corporations are sitting on mountains of cash, they are good for their bonds, and its why we want to buy up the VCSH.

3 Stocks for a Market Crash

Darth Maul - Large Pic

Courtesy of Darth Maul, here are 3 stocks that you'll want to be short if the carnage in the market continues.

They are: The Ultimate Software Group (ULTI), LinkedIn Corporation (LNKD), and Loral Space & Communications (LORL).

Big Bird - Who is Mitt Romney

We think we know what Big Bird would say.

Sorry PBS and Big Bird, you are out of a job when Mitt Romney becomes President of the U.S.A..  At least that's what the internets is all a buzz about as we head into the weekend.

Cue the $100 Roll

$100 Bill - U.S. Currency

This corporate mammoth out of St. Paul, Minnesota could finally break the $100 share price.

3M Co. (MMM) has been an incredible investment this year, increasing 30% while paying out a 2.5% annual dividend yield.  The Post-It Note King could finally surpass the $100 share price before the end of the year.

Vader and Fett

We start October with a bang. We review the potential short squeeze plays to make a quick buck

Get ready for the Q4 2012 rally.  There's no time to waste and some quick money could be made by playing popular stocks with heavy short interest. Making the cut are Yelp, Inc. (YELP), GameStop Corp (GME), Zillow Inc. (Z) and Inc. (OSTK).