The Highlander - Original

Mastery breaks down the week and explains why there can be only one.

Another mixed bag for stocks as we close out June 15th and into the weekend.  Mastery found some stocks worth investigating further including Zillow (Z), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Safeway (SWY), Yelp (YELP), and more.  If you are still trying to find an entry point for Facebook (FB) shares, keep waiting.


Google Search (Big Pic)

Shorting stocks has been very popular in 2012.  However there's one stock that is dangerous to bet against.

The idea of shorting shares of Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is a daring bet that sounds insightful, but doesn't add up.  Apple (AAPL) is pulling Google Maps from its iPhones and iPads and that has led to chatter on the internets about the downfall of Google.  Despite what the blogs and message boards may be saying about Google's decline, Mastery takes the high ground.

Contrarian Stocks (ZNGA, YELP, SWY)

Hater-Aid (Big Pic)

Investors have been drinking the Hater-Aide when it comes to these 3 heavily-shorted stocks. Is it time to play contrarian?

The stocks in question are Zynga (ZNGA) Yelp (YELP) Safeway (SWY). All of which have greater than 25% short interest!

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

Not a day goes by that Apple Inc. doesn't make the internets headlines.  Time to buy?

The short answer, yes it's time to buy Apple Inc (AAPL) but don't expect an incredible return on investment. At this point you should not expect to achieve the average analyst 12 month estimate of $708.  That's a big 35% increase in share price if you bought Apple today. 

Mit Romney and Ronald Reagan

A Republican back in the Oval Office could help stocks rally like they did when Reagan took office in the 80's.

Sometimes history does repeat itself and during these extreme uncertain times, having a Republican President could save our stocks.  We would all love to believe that Obama can be re-elected and the job that is needed to get America back on course.  As an investor, I'd rather have my 401(k) increase and my personal portfolio recover to my 2008 level and more.

Goldman Sachs Skeletor Style

Despite the looming feeling of 2008, we are hopeful we have learned from our mistakes.  Cue the big bank stocks.

Three of the richest bank and financial stocks on the planet are trading near 12 month lows, the winners being Goldman Sachs (GS), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and Citigroup (C).  These 3 major players should not be overlooked despite the volatile world economy.

Do Stocks Rally in June?

Lucky No. 7 Dice

Jesus C. we all hope so.  June 2012 could be a comeback month for stocks.

Its June and we just lost all of the gains for stocks in 2012 last month.  Where do we go from here?  Do stocks go even lower or can we finally buck the trend and embrace the bulls?

Sell or Buy Facebook Shares?


Facebook is off to a rough start, everyday its stock gets cheaper.  Mastery is warming up to the idea of owning FB.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has proved thus far to be a weak investment.  Everyone is watching shares fall but even the Powers-that-be agree its a buy once it hits a specific point. 

Jackass Movie - Shopping Cart

Mastery its time to go shopping and we've got 3 stocks worth your attention. 

We've mentioned these stocks in the past two weeks but thanks to the impressive decline, its time to seriously consider them.  The 3 stocks we want you to consider throwing in the cart are IAMGOLD Corp (IAG), Xerox Corp (XRX) and Zillow Inc. (Z).

Roulette Number 7

This week is all about housing, with Existing-home sales, new-home sales and quarterly results on tap from Toll Brothers.

The 3 stocks we recommend looking at are Zillow (Z), D.R. Horton (DHI) and KB Home (KBH).  The data should give a strong indication of the end of the spring home selling season, which by many accounts, was stronger than expected.