Dendreon was worth the Gamble

Lucky No. 7

At $4 a pop, it was worth it.

Earlier this month we said throwing a few bucks at Dendreon Inc (DNDN) when it was trading at $4.07 was worth the gamble.  Turned out it was in spades as DNDN shares are up 17% at $4.54.  Expectations were so low, that today's so-so news was enough to rally shares. 

Daryl Dixon - Walking Dead Zombie Hunter

You would think Daryl Dixon is hunting down DNDN, are they the Walking Dead? 

Dendreon Inc (DNDN) shares have been killed this year and this week came within 2 pennies from its 12 month low.  DNDN shares have tanked 70% since February.  Worse yet, the company share price has yet to recover after falling from near $40 a share in summer of 2011.