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Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Tuesday 11-13-2012.

What's a Covered Call?

Wall Street Bull

Big U.S. Banks and unstoppable American corporations could be the next big bet.

Its a boring start to the week and as we enter Fall trading, what looks good?  The minds at Whitebox believe it could be Bank of America (BAC).  Digging into their holdings also points to Wal-Mart (WMT) and Cisco Systems (CSCO).

Ten Dollar Bill - $10 - Large Pic

Mastery reviews 3 stocks that have come under the $10 level. We are going for quality names with bargain price-to-earnings ratios.

Three stocks trading under $10 and worth your attention are Petrobras Argentina SA ADR (NYSE:PZE), Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX), and IAMGOLD Corporation (USA) (NYSE:IAG).  These 3 stocks are a diverse line-up to invest while their share prices are low and reap the benefits of a comeback story.


Wonder what your Congressmen are trading? They certainly aren't working together or helping the U.S. economy. They are however buying stocks and you should know which ones. 

Last week the Godfather of financial blogging Barry Ritholtz put out a great article that listed the top 10 holdings of our U.S. Congress.  Making the top 5 were General Electric (GE), Procter and Gamble (PG), Bank of America (BAC), Microsoft (MSFT), and Cisco Systems (CSCO).