We said buy when it bottomed in the summer, now what?

Corning Inc (GLW) is a stock the Masters have gone to bat for time and time again.  Last time was in the summer when Corning hit its last 12 month low.  With Gorilla Glass 3 will the market finally get behind the company?

Corning Gorilla Glass

We said buy in the summer, hope you all did.

Corning Inc. (GLW) had its day in the sun today and finally made a few believes on Wall Street.  The stock finshed up 6.8% to $12.13

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Here we go again on Corning and Mastery expects to make a quick buck.

Corning Inc (GLW) has backed down again from the mid $14 range to the mid $13 range.  In 2012 its been a monthly occurrence for GLW to drop around $1 before recovering after 5 to 10 trading sessions.

Corning Chart

Shares of Corning have been building a base since hitting bottom back in October. Share price should be ready to break out of the ascending triangle soon.

Corning (GLW) the maker of Gorilla Glass has a very low downside potential as long as the market cooperates. The bottom of the triangle right now is about $12.85, where we expect to see some strong support.

Corning Gorilla Glass

The maker of Gorilla Glass is trading less than 10% from its 12 month low.

UPDATE -- Last week Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) shares fell 10% in one day, taking over $1 from its share price.  GLW closed Friday at $12.62 a shares and Mastery loves the pullback.  Thanks to the retreat Corning now pays out a 2.3% annual dividend yield.  Corning shares are trading near the low of their 12 month range of $11.51 to $23.43.