Banksy - Follow Your Dreams

This week was ruined by the U.S. Government but we found some stocks to consider.

Another unbelievable week of witnessing the failure of comprise by the once most powerful country the United States of America.  Its beyond anything anyone living has ever experienced in the U.S. and it stinks bad.  However Mastery did find a few stocks to consider going long on including Verifone (PAY), Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS), Chipotle (CMG), McDonalds (MCD), and Take-Two (TTWO).


Banksy - Star Wars

Mastery recaps the week and we introduce the Art of Noise.

Disney (DIS) becomes super attractive and hopefully will kill Jar Jar Binks silently.  Ford (F) and Dendreon (DNDN) also made coin for its shareholders this week.


Banksy - I want Change

A few stocks to go long on and others to run from.

This week we watched AMD (AMD) hit a new low, found some stocks to short and a few worth going long.  Making the bullish cut were VCSH, FSLR, and SPWR.  Going short included LNKD, LORL, and ULTI.

Banksy - I want Change

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and since the market is closed we review the week.

July 4th 2012 is here and volatility while it stays (hopefully at record lows).  None the less its time to review some of the best stock picks of the week including some defensive plays, short squeezes, and anything but RIM.

Banksy - Star Wars

Mastery reviews the best stock picks of the week and commentary on the March 5th week. 

Highlights from this week include the following articles:


Banksy - Street Art Thug for Life

We review the best stock picks and commentary of the week in all its glory.

War stocks and more, here is what made the week great at