Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

The recent bearish view on Apple Inc. is way overdone.


Apple Inc (AAPL) and its crown as the most valuable company in the world take center stage Thursday after the close when they report Q4 earnings.


Iron Maiden

Could it be a sign?  Are the Masters serious?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is hanging out at $666 a share. You know that number don't you? Its the Devil!

Apple Inc MONEY

When Goldman speaks, it becomes reality.  In Goldman and Apple Inc we Trust.

Apple Inc (AAPL) is the one stock that is bucking the downtrend today.  It just hit a new 52-week high and its got the blessing of the all powerful Goldman Sachs (GS).

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

Not a day goes by that Apple Inc. doesn't make the internets headlines.  Time to buy?

The short answer, yes it's time to buy Apple Inc (AAPL) but don't expect an incredible return on investment. At this point you should not expect to achieve the average analyst 12 month estimate of $708.  That's a big 35% increase in share price if you bought Apple today.