Alcoa Shares: No Respect

No Respect - Rodney

Despite all its efforts to reinvent itself the stock is still down.

Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA) is always the first company to report every earnings seasons and more often than not they disappoint.  The company has been reinventing itself as an areospace and automotive supplier. The company is supposed to split into two companies during the current quarter. When will Wall Street believe in the company and help shareholders return on investment?

Alcoa will kick off Earnings Season

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) - Large Logo

Alcoa delivers earnings this afternoon. The world awaits.

Aloca Inc (AA) has disappointed the Street many times. More often than not the company balks its earnings call and down goes the stock.  The only hope going for them is if they surprise everyone the stock could rip to the upside.

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) - Large Logo

Earnings season kicks off next week, is it good for Alcoa?


Alcoa Inc (AA) hasn't had one up day in the last month. The stock has quietly been hitting new 12 month lows almost daily.  Year-to-Date Aloca has almost lost 1/3 of it's market share. Is it the right time to place a bet before the call next week?

Revisiting Microsoft and Alcoa

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The old dogs may still have it for investors.

A look into Microsoft (MSFT) and Alcoa Inc. (AA).  Could they still have what it takes to put money into investors pockets?

Happy Earnings Season 2013

Open Water - Shark Movie

Alcoa beats but the trading and volume feels like the sharks are circling.

Alcoa (AA) reported and their revenue beat the Street.  Off we go into Earnings Season 2013.

Fedo - Godfather Kiss of Death

Mastery rewinds the week and finds some great buys and stocks that deserve the kiss of death. 

Stocks closed the week strong with the Dow Jones up 200 points on Friday.  Mastery recommends reviewing the stocks highlighted in the articles we published this week.  Netflix (NFLX) and Jamba Juice (JMBA) have finally bounced back and there are plenty of beat-up stocks to review such as AMD (AMD), Nokia (NOK), and others.

Buy Aloca near the Bottom?

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) - Large Logo

Alcoa is trading near record lows.  Time to buy the aluminum king?

Alcoa Inc's (AA) latest earnings call did not impress the Street and as a result its stock price was crushed.  Alcoa shares have been cut in half since April and its now 2% away from its 52-week low. 

Ten Dollar Bill - $10 - Large Pic

Trading just under the $10 level are 3 stocks that could be destined for big returns in 2012.

Traders make huge coin trading stocks that swing above and below the $10 line.  A few stocks that have the potential to buck the trend and pop above $10 this year are Alcoa (AA), Human Genome Sciences (HGSI), and Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV).

Earnings Season Begins: Alcoa In

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) - Large Logo

Alcoa (AA) shares are holding up.

Alcoa missed the Street by one penny, not bad, but not great.  Mastery believes Alcoa (AA) won't see a triple bottom in early 2012.

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