Apple Inc MONEY

These stocks are down on their luck but not for long.

The bearish trend on silver and gold won't last forever, neither will the iEverything Hater-Aid.  Embrace the long position in Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI), IAMGOLD Corp (IAG), and Apple Inc. (AAPL).  All three of these stocks hit new 52-week lows today and Mastery doesn't not believe the trend will last much better.

Holy 52-week Lows: VMware

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee (Before Kicking)

VMware takes another kick to the face.

VMware Inc. (NYSE:VMW) continues its decline today, shares hit a new 12 month low of $75.79.  VMW is trying to stay above $76 a share as we go into the afternoon.

AMD Gets Eaten Alive

Liam Neeson - The Grey (1)

Like a scene out of 'The Grey', AMD is getting devoured by wolves today.

Sorry Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shareholders, you just lost even more money.  AMD hit a new 52-week low this morning of $2.86 a share -- ouch.

Orko AMD

AMD is as lame as Orko.  Its why we are looking at it.

Another day, another 52-week low for shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).  Yesterday AMD shares sunk to $3.75, a price not seen since 2009.  Is there hope for a comeback?

Fight Club - Blurry Tyler we Trust

Some of the popular stocks we follow fought back from the bottom with mixed results.

Mastery identified some stocks fighting to move up since hitting 12 month lows last week including Netflix (NFLX), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Znga (ZNGA) and more.  We also found a few stocks worth checking out including 3D Systems (DDD) and the VXX.  We relive the first week of trading in August 2012.

Behold the greatness.