Bitcoin Shop Ruins Investors


Lose money faster then hackers stealing bitcoins.

Last time we checked in on Bitcoin Shop (OTCMKTS:BTCS) it was over $4 and getting hyped on CNBC.

Fast forward and three months later it's nothing but a pump and dump.  BTCS is trading at 13 cents.  If you buy and sell stocks then you have no business buying shit like this. We screamed at our readers then not to buy then and when it first went public (relive those posts for proof).

I'd rather invest in Crocs (CROX) glady then buy Bitcoin Shop.  However rather then invest in CROX you could just buy Google (GOOG) and never look back.  They are about to roll out their driver-less car.  DO NOT, I repeat to not throw you money at a penny stock like BTCS.  A few months ago they only had $6K in cash.  Now it appears they have zero.

Since that time here is what is new about Bitcoin Shop:

They have generated only $11K in revenue.  That's it. Not to mention BTCS recorded an $1.4 million net loss last quarter.

Bottom line: DO NOT BUY BTCS. The end