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Unleashing Wall Street | ZeroHedge Liberal Ad Agency Drops Infowars, 1st Amendment Assault On Conservative Media Heating Up | ZeroHedge "Fuming, Defiant" Mexican Politicians Meet With US Officials Over "Hostile" Immigration Policies | ZeroHedge
Former CIA Agent Explains Why He Resigned Because Of Trump | ZeroHedge New Poll Finds That 80% Of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities | ZeroHedge As China's Housing Minister Admits There Is A Bubble, Axiom Warns "Sell Commodities Now" | ZeroHedge
Homeland Security Staff Suddenly "Locked Out" Of Computer Networks | ZeroHedge How Tennessee Could Be About To Start A Constitutional Crisis | ZeroHedge Spot The (Presidential) Difference | ZeroHedge
Kashkari: "The Fed Really Has A Third Mandate And It Is Financial Stability" | ZeroHedge "There is No Market, Only Trump." | ZeroHedge

Business Insider

Sturm Ruger earnings soar on new product sales (RGR) | Business Insider Amazon is still getting dominated in China (AMZN) | Business Insider Stephen Colbert mocks Trump's Sweden comment with fake tribute | Business Insider
6 ways this tool takes the drama out of picking your next credit card | Business Insider Europe is trying to dodge Trump's defense spending ultimatum | Business Insider One NBA executive reportedly believes Paul George is going to be traded to the Boston Celtics | Business Insider
Luxury home listings are way overpriced | Business Insider Trump's envoy at UN issues stern warning to Russia, backs NATO | Business Insider Mutual distrust, common interests: Egypt gets closer to Hamas to counter threats from ISIS | Business Insider
Tesla's Model 3 and new solar roof are on track to arrive this year (TSLA) | Business Insider Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann's 2 big predictions for ad tech in 2017 (CRTO) | Business Insider The big new features rumoured for the next iPhone have been available in competitors' phones for years | Business Insider
Fannie and Freddie plunge after court rules hedge funds can't sue the government over collecting their profits (FNMA, FRMC) | Business Insider Facebook dynasty emerges in the post-app era (FB) | Business Insider The president of Mexico is going to meet with 2 top Trump officials | Business Insider
How Apple CarPlay could completely disrupt the auto industry (AAPL, GM) | Business Insider Russia to rely less on nuclear weapons as their conventional strength rapidly increases | Business Insider This is by far the best travel pillow I've ever used | Business Insider
West Elm is no longer selling the Peggy sofa after years of negative reviews | Business Insider Disney's 'Zootopia' spoofed a bunch of Oscar nominees with adorable mashup posters | Business Insider Self-made millionaire Jillian Michaels: 'Money can't buy you happiness, but it can provide you with freedom' | Business Insider
7 reasons your cologne doesn't smell that great | Business Insider Trump's new deportation plan is a worst-case scenario for Mexico | Business Insider Former Trump trade adviser: Border-adjustment tax could go a long way toward improving NAFTA | Business Insider
Sears can't afford to keep Ivanka Trump's brand | Business Insider The largest private sailing yacht in the world has reportedly been granted its release from Gibraltar | Business Insider Satellites expose the biggest hotspots of potentially illegal transshipping | Business Insider
Amazon's surprise one-day discount is like free money | Business Insider DOW CLAWS TO NEW ALL-TIME HIGH: Here's what you need to know | Business Insider Here's how many games Vegas thinks your favorite MLB team will win this season | Business Insider
Iran Supreme Leader calls for Palestinian intifada to remove the 'cancerous tumor' of Israel | Business Insider Trump denounces wave of anti-Semitism: 'It's horrible and it is going to stop' | Business Insider Popeyes is soaring on news it's being acquired by the owner of Burger King (PLKI, QSR) | Business Insider
Affect or effect? A writing coach breaks down the most common grammar mistakes in under 2 minutes | Business Insider DHS memos detail aggressive immigration enforcement and speedier deportations | Business Insider This portable charger is a must-have for any iPhone owners with battery-life problems | Business Insider
Facebook is in talks with MLB to stream one live baseball game per week (FB) | Business Insider

Financial Sense

Trump and the Fed | Financial Sense Eurozone Equities: Political Risks versus Strong Macro Crosscurrents | Financial Sense