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Financial Sense

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Business Insider

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Here are the most common math errors the IRS catches when people file their taxes | Business Insider Starbucks 'gives away' drinks after US system outage | Business Insider 5 things you need to know about the General Election 2015 | Business Insider
The New Orleans Pelicans didn't foul Stephen Curry before his huge 3-pointer, and it could doom their playoff hopes | Business Insider Wall Street's tribes are divided on what will happen to Brazil's massive state oil company | Business Insider UNBOXED: The Apple Watch | Business Insider
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is making sure women who work there get the raises they deserve (CRM) | Business Insider Chris Christie is ramping up his campaign, but this chart shows why he's in real trouble | Business Insider People are already testing how long the Apple Watch can survive underwater (AAPL) | Business Insider
Hundreds dead after massive earthquake rocks Nepal | Business Insider 13 everyday phrases that actually came from Shakespeare | Business Insider Steve Wynn won't have to deal with his ex-wife on the Wynn Resorts board anymore | Business Insider
There's a startling difference between what men want in a wife and in a daughter | Business Insider Mutai eyes missing London Marathon title, Radcliffe says farewell | Business Insider PIMCO thinks the market is getting the Fed wrong | Business Insider
HSBC is launching an immediate review into ditching its London HQ over heavy taxes | Business Insider Why Amazon paid for 2,000 employees to take classes in things like airplane mechanics and nursing (AMZN) | Business Insider High school in America is creating a mental-health crisis — and these numbers prove it | Business Insider
I spotted a trend in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, and it led to a legendary investment | Business Insider British multi-millionaire Michelle Mone told us how losing weight made her more successful | Business Insider These teens became Coachella VIPs after their Instagram accounts caught everyone's attention | Business Insider
Brooklyn may get a brand-new 5-mile subway line | Business Insider


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Futures Fizzle After Greece "Hammered" In Riga, Varoufakis Accused Of Being "A Time-Waster, Gambler, Amateur" | ZeroHedge's Hot Lunchtime Reads 4/23: (GILD) (FB) (ABBV) (HLF) | Notable Analyst Rating Changes 4/24: (MAT) (TEL) (CVC) Upgraded; (BBY) (NKE) (GM) Downgraded |


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