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Hallucinogens Legally Sold as 'Bath Salts' a New Threat | BusinessWeek Book Review: <em>Thinking, Fast and Slow</em> by Daniel Kahneman | BusinessWeek Virginia Town is Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Kids | BusinessWeek

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Turkey visits church _ not for holiday meal, just wants in | Business Insider 2 Wall Street firms have made billions betting on a hot consumer trend | Business Insider This beautiful game was designed to make you a believer in virtual reality | Business Insider
US issues travel warning following terror attacks | Business Insider Trump says torture works, supports more aggressive methods | Business Insider Iran, Russia vow to oppose 'external attempts' to dump Assad | Business Insider
Syrian group: IS releases more Assyrian Christian hostages | Business Insider The notorious 'attic' penthouse in New York's Plaza Hotel is on the market again for $50 million | Business Insider Tourism officials meet in Paris to assess impact of attacks | Business Insider
NATO calls 'extraordinary meeting' after Turkey downs Russian jet | Business Insider A former Defence Secretary has warned that the UK's £31 billion nuclear weapon system could be shut down by hackers | Business Insider Stars at American Music Awards have Paris on their minds | Business Insider
Google made a 'Star Trek'-inspired wearable — and then killed it (GOOG) | Business Insider Over half of world's primates on brink of extinction: experts | Business Insider A Russian military jet has been shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border | Business Insider
Here's how many giant iPad Pros Apple could sell (AAPL) | Business Insider Russian recession is over: economy minister | Business Insider Director J.J. Abrams explains why there are so many lens flares in 'Star Trek' | Business Insider
A tiny Wall Street firm advising Pfizer on its giant deal has had an incredible year (PFE, VZ) | Business Insider Rihanna and Samsung unveil cryptic interactive website to preview new album | Business Insider Syracuse fires coach Scott Shafer after 8th straight loss | Business Insider
London startup Deliveroo has raised $100 million for its restaurant delivery service | Business Insider California at forefront of US battle on climate change | Business Insider Get your meal delivered to you via zip line at this treetop restaurant | Business Insider
NY court: Targeted killings memos can be kept secret | Business Insider Harrowing pictures show how dire the European refugee crisis has become | Business Insider Elon Musk is roping Jeff Bezos into a Twitter argument about rockets | Business Insider
10 things you need to know before European markets open | Business Insider London is now the most difficult place in Britain to sell a house | Business Insider Citing "imminent" threat, Brussels extends high alert | Business Insider
Turkey summons Russian envoy over downed warplane on Syrian border | Business Insider Siemens chief warns on investment after Paris attacks | Business Insider A programmer wrote scripts to secretly automate a lot of his job — including to automatically email his wife and make himself a latte | Business Insider


Could Stocks Rise 20%-50% in the Next Six Months? | ZeroHedge Q3 GDP Revised Higher As Inventories Surge Again, Personal Consumption Disappoints | ZeroHedge "Winter Is Coming" - Wall Street Economists At Work | ZeroHedge
Russia Bombs 1,000 ISIS Oil Tankers As France Launches First Carrier Strikes Against "Evil Death Cult" | ZeroHedge Presenting SocGen's 5 Black Swans For 2016 | ZeroHedge Russia Declares Warplane Downing A "Hostile Act" But Will It Cut Turkish Gas Supplies? | ZeroHedge
"How Is This Possible" Deutsche Bank Asks, Looking At The Canary In The Junk Bond Mine | ZeroHedge Valeant Just Won't Stop Falling | ZeroHedge At Least A Dozen Killed In Tunisian Capital As ISIS Targets Presidential Guards | ZeroHedge
Strong 2 Year Auction Surprises Bond Watchers As Direct Takedown Surges; Spread With 2Y Bund Widest Since 2006 | ZeroHedge So Who's Really Sponsoring ISIS? | ZeroHedge Russian Search Helicopter Downed Near Syrian Border By US-Made Anti-Tank Missile, Rebels Claim | ZeroHedge
It's Official: Allergan, Pfizer To Combine In Biggest Ever Tax-Inversion, Defy Jack Lew | ZeroHedge Existing Home Sales Tumble, Weakest Annual Growth Since January | ZeroHedge