Pizza the Hut Trading


Barron's extreme bullish cover story is as grotesque as Pizza the Hut feeding on himself at a Pizza Party. 

Barron's says the Dow is going to 15,000.  The Masters are inviting Pizza the Hut to our Friday Pizza Party to celebrate.  But why stop at 15K, how about 17,000 in just two years?  Wow, what a great deal, thanks Mr. Epstein from Barron's.  Pizza the Hut please return our calls.

Barron's Dow to 15,000

Click to Read Barron's article, as they state "Dow 15,000 and 17,000 are actually modest targets".  Its blind-zombie-herd investing shit like this that inspires all of us to question the true value of U.S. Equities.  As we talked up today and we are Not Buying it for a Dollar.

Bullish mentality maybe the latest craze but volatility trumps any wonderful thesis Barron's can muster.

People who lost half of their life savings in 2008 are not lining up at A.G. Edwards or Merrill Lynch to hire some Pizza the Hut (relive the memory at YouTube) broker to gamble their remaining assets.

What's different in a post 2008 Lehman Brothers collapsed world is...volatility is the new normal.  The Dow Jones and major indexes swing 2 to 3% in either direction on a bad or Micheal Jackson 'Bad' day.  Its precisely why we write articles like Road Warrior Inspired Stocks and recommend Dividend paying Stocks.

We are not all bears, nor are we bulls, we only care about profitable trades.  Nothing else matters. 

MASTERY Bottom Line (Flying Kick Style)Bottom line:

Believe in Barron's and throw all your money into stocks.  After all, the Dow is going to 17,000 in two years.  You can sleep easy and gorge on pizza every hour.  Come two years from now we will all be rich Pizza the Huts, I can't wait.