Bullish Stock Picks from Barron's

Bull Market on Wall Street

ODP and MS are their strongest recommendations.

This weekend Barron's recommended going long on shares of Apple (AAPL), Morgan Stanley (MS), and Office Depot (ODP).  They did cover more equities but we feel these are the best picks they have to offer this weekend.

Expect MS and ODP to get the 'Barron's bounce' come Monday when trading resumes.  AAPL is a big enough monster that it doesn't need help at this point and we would rather own a competitor such as Google (GOOG) or even sluggish Microsoft (MSFT) before AAPL.

Office Depot is going to get the most attention as its shares trading in the $5 range.  Friday ODP closed at $5.20 and has a 52-week range of $3.77 to $5.85.

MS closed Friday at $31.95, close to it's 52-week high of $33.52.  MS does have an annual dividend yield of 1.25%

Here are the stories and the links:


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Under new leadership, the office-supply firm has managed to turn a profit and still seems to have cost-cutting options. Why it's a value play.


Morgan Stanley's strategy of lower risk and less debt trading may be the new model for Wall Street.


Apple's Smart Watch Could Add $4 a Share to Earnings


As always you can review the bullish stock pick recomendations on Barron's website at the following link.  They track the performance of the stock pick (pre & post recommendation).  It's a great page to check out from time to time if you are looking for investing ideas.