YouTube to MP3 Converter Sites Legal?

The Clash

The debate continues.

Google YouTube and what's the text waiting to fill in the search box?  That would be Youtube to MP3.  If you haven't been exposed to this phenomenon, welcome.

Long story short about is coverting videos from Youtube to MP3 legal or illegal comes down to this --- Private use it's okay. If you attempt to sell it or share with others (recall Napster), it's illegal.  

We are not going to provide the links to the websites that do the conversion, a simple Google, Bing or search will yield those results.

Futhermore if the original YouTube video is legal then you are safe.  Should you use one of those websites on a legal video the process of using freeware, transforming it (for personal uses) is legal.  Should you convert thousands of songs and being to host then you will experience this scenario:

The quality of the YouTube to MP3 conversion is 128 kbps (kilobytes per second). That sounds quality isn't that great. You buy a MP3 from Amazon of iTunes 256 kbps or 320 kbps which is stellar.

You want the song and enjoy the tune then you'll want the best quality. Depends on what you plan to do with the song. Play for your friends at a house party then you care about the sound.  Thus buy it.  For those that are too cheap, you know what to Google.  After which only use it for yourself.