Yelp Inc up 22% since May 15th

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Yelp is not done yet.

Yelp is putting the "!" back where it counts.  Yelp! or Yelp Inc. (YELP) shares are up 22% since in less than 2 weeks.  Just when web 2.0 heavily shorted stocks were the death of investors portfolios, Yelp is making a come back.


The chart clearly shows that Yelp is on the up and up. It appears to be a short squeeze that is working for traders now going long.


This San Francisco-based company saw its short interest surge more than 31 percent in the first weeks of May to more than 9.27 million shares, which represents more than 15 percent of the float. The number of shares sold short has been rising since mid-March. The days to cover remained about one

The 22% increase is a wake-up call to the short sellers.  The stock continues to rally today up 5%.

Bottom line: Yelp appears to be on the mend but it still remains a volatile trade. If enough short interest exits the stock will continue to climb. 

Chart forYelp, Inc. (YELP)