Women's Underwear gone Tech?

Women Tech CEOs

There really is something for everyone.

The ADA collection continues to make buzz long after its summer launch.  These women CEO's are in high demand not just for their expertise, but for their curves.

Mastery takes a look at the best photos from the ADA Collection.  If you are a woman and want to buy this for yourself - Google 'ADA Collection'.  Mind you they did not ask us to place this post.  We just thought we would let you know how crazy the internets can be:

Behold, women CEO's!!! 

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The big winner is Rebecca Garcia, 23 (in the pics below she's the one wearing glasses).  She is a self-taught web developer, and former CTO of Greatist; a health fitness and wellness media startup. IShe is a Developer Evangelist at Squarespace and co-founded CoderDojo NYC, a non-profit that mentors youth; teaching web, game and app development.


Clothing brand Dear Kate recently released controversial ads for their new "Ada Collection" lingerie line.



The collection, named for Ada Lovelace, the woman who created the world's first algorithm, is an underwear line aimed at women in tech.



As the ads spread around the internet, Dear Kate's Twitter account started collecting tweets from users who actually supported the campaign.