Where are Stocks Going (Oct-Nov 2014)?

Magic 8 Ball

The Dow Jones has erased all gains for the year, now what?

Will stocks bounce back this week?  Haven't we had enough of our equities falling on every 'global economic' headline that is not positive?  What to, what to buy?  Do you run or do you back up the truck?

Thoughts from Jim Cramer:

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- This has truly become a treacherous market, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Friday. Fortunately, the week is over and Monday is a holiday for many.


Maybe, just maybe, politicians around the world are beginning to see the damage they've been causing. Those were Cramer's thoughts after hearing the news that leaders in China and Germany may be open to stimulating their economies to help get the world moving again.

This, after semiconductor maker Microchip Technologies (MCHP) surprised investors by reporting that demand in China was weakening. Cramer said China is a huge buyer of semiconductors, so if things are bad for Microchip then things are pretty bad.

Things should have never gotten this bad, Cramer concluded. He said the world's leaders should have known that fears over Russia, ISIS, North Korea and Ebola were more than enough to warrant lower interest rates and more stimulus long ago.

Who knows who is right, we consult the Magic-8 Ball, you should to.