Streaming Movies and TV Tips

Netflix Interface - big pic

Roku, Amazon Fire TV Apple TV, XBOX ONE, PS4, Chromecast...which one is best?

There's no doubt Roku is the best but it doesn't have all the apps and HBO GO doesn't work if you have XFINITY.  What works best is a combination of a few of them. The cheapest and best bets are Chromecast and Roku sticks.  

Roku rocks and for $50 it's worth it. 


Here is some advice from the LA Times.

More TV viewers are picking up so-called streaming media boxes in the hope of fulfilling a simple wish: Let me watch what I want when I want.

Basically, the devices, some as small as a thumb drive, link the TV to the Internet so users can watch Netflix or Hulu on the bigger screen, giving them a far wider choice of programming than cable or satellite services can.

But that's where it can be confusing and frustrating: Every box, including Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, has its own set of apps that feature different libraries of shows and movies. Amazon Fire TV, for example, lacks HBO Go, which allows for on-demand viewing of HBO shows. Continue...

And although streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu have vast libraries, some TV networks and studios limit availability of their content depending on whether the user is a cable or satellite subscriber. That means streaming media boxes won't help viewers ditch cable or satellite television subscriptions because many networks' apps require that users also have a pay-TV account.