Stocks: Relax and Buy Best in Breed

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2015 starts off horrible. Relax.

Stocks are not dying, everyone needs to take a breath. Thanks to the pullback quality names like Google (GOOGL), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Walt Disney (DIS), and even Netflix (NFLX) look attractive.

We've been screaming our heads off on this website about how great Google (GOOGL) is at this level. Just from the weekend the average target price on Google has ticked higher. Before you go and think oil is going to zero recall the world's richest company before Apple (AAPL) took that crown -- Exxon (XOM).  Put a list like the one below of companies you trust, use, and believe are undervalued thanks to a volatile start to 2015.

Google is a no brainer and our Number One Stock Pick for 2015: Google Inc. Disney is heading for the $100 roll thanks to Star Wars and everything Marvel this year we laid out the reasons in Why Buy Disney Shares.

Exxon could go lower on the oil price panic but it's a solid company that now pays a 3% dividend yield. Netflix is the future of TV. It's fundamentals are starting to look better thanks to the stock getting killed in the past 12 months.  netflixJust how much is Netflix used?

Last Friday Leichtman Research announced a November poll of 1,233 U.S. adults in households with a TV set found 36% of Netflix subs stream daily, and 72% weekly. Those figures are respectively up from 29% and 70% in an Oct. 2013 poll, and just 10% and 43% in a 2010 poll.

Take timeout today to put together a shopping list like the one presented to you in this publication.  There are opportunities in this turbulent market. Consider the following stocks today:

Ticker Price 52 Wk-High 52 Wk-Low P/E EPS From 52wk High From 52wk Low Finviz TP % from Finviz TP
GOOGL $507.20 $615.42 $497.19 25.71 19.73 -21.34% 4.61% $645.15 27.20%
XOM $89.21 $104.76 $86.19 11.22 7.95 -17.43% 5.71% $97.68 9.49%
DIS $91.83 $95.93 $69.85 21.54 4.26 -4.46% 25.05% $96.50 5.09%
NFLX $323.41 $489.29 $299.50 85.92 3.76 -51.29% 10.19% $416.32 28.73%