Pam Smart back in the Spotlight

Pamela Smart

Sex, drugs, manipulation -- murder.

HBO has a compeling documentary worth your time, Captivated The Trials of Pamela Smart.  Two decades later the interview Pam, court footage and the major players.

There were no independent eyewitnesses. No DNA. No fingerprints.  This was the first 'reality like TV show' ever made.  Those famous bikini photos were not for the teenage boys that pulled the trigger on her deceased husband, they were done with her girlfriend to enter a contest.

Pamela Smart has spent half her life in prision, she's in there for life.  She has been beat in prision and raped.

She is serving a life sentence for accomplice to first-degree murderconspiracy to commit murder and witness tampering in New Hampshire. Smart was convicted for conspiring with her 15-year-old lover, William "Billy" Flynn, and three friends of Flynn to kill her 24-year-old husband, Greggory Smart, in DerryNew Hampshire, in 1990.

No matter how much you thought you knew about the impact of media coverage, this eye opening film will leave you with a whole new insight.