Merry Christmas, its BoJack!

BoJack Horseman

Christmas came early this year for us Netflixers

Surprise BoJack has a Christmas special exclusive for Netflix!  That's also because you can only watch BoJack Horseman on Netflix starring Jessie Pinkman and G.O.B.

We called the Best Show you Aren't Streaming: BoJack Horseman earlier this year. The show stars Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett) and Todd (voiced by Aaron Paul) and many others. The interaction between Arnett and A. Paul is enough to watch the show, they are flawless on this cartoon comedy.  The Christmas special is a throwback to a Christmas show that BoJack did during his rise to fame in the Horsing Around Days.  That is the fictitious show that made BoJack a TV star during the 90's. In current days BoJack is a washed up sitcom star who wastes his days popping pills, drinking, and hanging out with his own Kato Katelin live-in Todd.

The Christmas special is BoJack and Todd watching the 90's Christmas special and adding their Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary.  Some of the moments when they flash to the now BoJack and Todd watching the special are my favorite parts.  There's a 3 second part about 15 minutes in when BoJack has a reaction to one of his lame lines. "I've heard of lookie lookie don't eat the cookie but this is rediculous".  To which a puzzled present day BoJack (several beers deep mind you) responds with a simple "What?".  

Best part is if you never watched a single BoJack episode you can give a try with this Christmas Special and you will get hooked.  Thank you Netflix and the creators of BoJack for this early Christmas present.

BTW.  That abscure reference to lookie, lookie...  I'm sure about 10 people watching it caught the reference.  It's this song from the 1930's