The Last Blockbuster Video Twitter is a Must Read


By some account there are 11 Blockbuster video locations left in the world. However someone on Twitter is capturing the essence that is the failed movie rental chain.



One Twitter account @loneblockbuster, claiming to be the last remaining location, has been operating since April 2016 – and their tweets are pure, nostalgia-ladden (and slightly depressing) hilarity.


They throw shade at their competitors.

Amazon Prime will never have that Blockbuster smell.


Are you bored with all that "clicking?" Come into Blockbuster today.


Honestly, if you're the kind of person who enjoys watching films via the internet we don't even want your business.


We created a Netflix account this morning. Our username is "Netflix" and our password is "blow$."


They’re still salty about those late fees.

Attention Mary L. Poole, your late fees for Jingle All the Way are currently at $33,205.80. Please return it at your earliest convenience.


They wish people would finally just remember to “Be Kind and Rewind,” dammit.

If we have to rewind one more returned movie for a customer we're going to lose our fucking minds.


They also get topical, with some choice election references.

And they’re just straight up not willing to get with the technology of the day.

To answer your question, no we won't be adding a chip to Blockbuster cards. We wouldn't even know where to begin with something like that.