Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Leak: Do we Care?

Kim Kardashian

Who cares.

In an effort to gain headlines and page hits we also post the same stupid story about Kim Kardashian's nude photo leak.  

Is this really an event or story?  The world has already seen enough of this broad.  Those who really want to see her sex tape have already done so, so why even give a shit about this?  None the less here's the update.

Should you dare the photos are supposedly 4chan, Reddit and Twitter. Best of luck with your illegal search.

Kim Kardashian has become the latest celebrity to allegedly have naked photographs leaked online.

The 33-year-old reality TV star may have fallen victim to the recent hacking scandal after explicit images, believed to be of her, were reportedly uploaded on to photo-sharing website 4chan, Reddit and Twitter earlier today, just three weeks after pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were shared online.

However, it is not known whether the racy photographs of Kim are authentic or where they were allegedly stolen from, according to gossip website

A few SFW pics of Kim: