It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia coming soon to Streaming (Season 9)

Its Always Sunny Season 9

Season 9 now on DVD, streaming is a few weeks or months away.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9 is now available on DVD on Netflix and Amazon as of Aug 2nd 2014.  

The question for all of us is when will it come to Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming?  There's nothing officially on the Netflix streaming calendar 2014 release.  It could be a month or two from now so look for it come December 2014.  It would be great if it would come sooner but there's money to be made in DVD sales.  The guys that put together It's Always Sunny deserve the profits.  Year after year they put out an outstanding product that we all relive over and over again.  Not to mention can implement in real life (think the D.E.N.N.I.S. system).

Netflix doesn't rush to put content from DVDs to it's streaming until a few months have passed after the DVD release. It will be coming to Netflix all the previous seasons are available with a click of a mouse now.  

We will update as soon as we know the actual streaming release date. For now you'll have to pony up for the DVD's which you can buy on Amazon or rent DVD via Netflix.  

Since you are online now here a few clips to satisfy your appetite.