Investing in Bitcoins using the Stock Market


There is one stock you can buy that fits the bill.

Bitcoin Shop Inc (OTCMKTS:BTCS) is your weapon of choice.  However it is extremely volatile.
BTCS in two months has watched its stock price goes from less than 1 cent to $5 then back to 50 cents. It's a very dangerous stock.

The new press release with the financial results on March 7th did not immediately change the fate of BTCS, not until it had crashed further. For a company that is dealing in raw money, though virtual ones, BTCS looks a bit cash-poor, with:

  • $6,000 cash
  • $588,000 total assets
  • $547,000 total current liabilities
  • $674,000 total revenues for Q3 in 2013
  • $94,000 net income

As we stated when we first covered this stock:
In a race to be 1st, BitcoinShop holds the title as the 1st publicly traded company. They are not Bitcoin miners.  They are only a store front that accepts Bitcoin payments.  That's it.  Not an in the slightest.  

Nothing has changed at this point, in fact its worst than we thought.  $6 grand in cash.  Come on.  My kids bank account is more rich than this company.  Until I'm dealing with a company that has more cash than my 6 year-old I'm out like Seacrest.