How to wrap/re-wrap iPhone 5 earphones

iPhone Earphones

How to get them back into that cool packaging

The new iPhone earphones / headphones are great but how do you get them back into that cool white plastic packaging. It was driving me mad then of course I remembered, "YouTube it".  Thank you Youtube.

If you have purchased a iPhone in the past year then you have received a set of apple earphones. I wonder at what point they will be "Beats" brand? Maybe they will charge a few extra bucks for that.  Anyway there is a simple method to get your earbuds pack in place.

iphone earphones earbuds1. Put the left earphone back in to the left slot and wrap the cord around the bottom and over the top, into the center part.

2. Put the right earphone back into the right slot and wrap its cord around the bottom (opposite direction) and over the top. The right phone is connected to the volume control. That volume control fits perfectly into the center spot.

3. Pinch the chords together and wrap around the outside (counter clockwise) until its all nice and snug. 

4. Place the clear top over the whole thing and presto. They are perfectly contained.

See video below.