GOTG: 10 to 15 Minutes of Cut Footage

GOTG Rocket Groot

15 more minutes of film we may yet see of GOTG!

Talk about a re-release of the directors cut, please say "yes" to in theatres vs. DVD/Blu-Ray.  Regardless there are deleted scenes that we all want to see.

Director James Gunn says there is between 10 – 15 minutes of deleted scenes.  Marvel has never re-released a directors cut, but then again they've never had an August opening like GOTG.  With such refreshing and new characters and stories, we may get our wish.  Just think of the licensing and merchandise Groot and Rocket are going to bank for Disney.  Huge.

FYI Disney (DIS) shares jumped 2% yesterday thanks to the massive opening. Today DIS is slightly down but very close to it's all time high:

The Walt Disney Company
NYSE: DIS - Aug 5 12:34 PM ET
86.650.59 (0.68%)