Disney rallies on Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

New trailer, new 52-week high for Disney.

Last weekend we told our readers to load up Walt Disney Co. (DIS) shares in anticipation of a new Star Wars trailer. Much to our delight we got that gift before Christmas as the new trailer for Star Wars 7 the Force Awakens hit Friday. Boom, new 52-week high.

Recall last week we laid out the reasons Why Buy Disney Shares and Star Wars episode 7 is the main reason.

Here is the trailer and why we loaded up last week.  As of Sunday evening it has over 30 million views.


Once again...

mastery bottom line ninjasMastery Bottom line: Fellow Masters, Disney is a rare Buy and Hold opportunity.  It will be coveted in various publications, blogs, and talking heads as a stock to own for 2015.  Just like Apple was about this time last year. There's reason to believe it will continue climbing higher thanks to the new Star Wars movie coming next summer.

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