Did Kim Kardashian Cheer for her Dad on TV during OJ Simpson Debacle?

Kim Kardashian

Don't believe everything you see on TV?

How many thousands of people 'Googled' that question after watching Episode 2 of the THE PEOPLE VS. O.J. SIMPSON.

Truth be told the Kardashian kids didn't cheer for their Dad when watching him read the Juice's letter on live TV.  But it sure does make for good TV and all of us imagining what Kim Kardashian was doing pre Kanye West days.

 TMZ and the Kardashian’s own network, E!, report that family members were upset by that scene because, as a source tells E! News, the cheering “never happened.” TMZ confirms the family’s disappointment, adding that “Kim was watching and thought the scene was over-the-top and ‘ridiculous.’”

TMZ continues, “We’re told the sisters absolutely remember watching their dad reading O.J.’s letter during the news conference, and they were certainly used to people, in general, screwing up their name—but the cheering while watching TV simply ‘never happened.’”

“That said,” E! adds, “the Kardashians are generally happy with how the FX series is portraying their late father.”