Deadpool beats the Matrix and 50 Shades with New 'R' Rated $150M Opening Run

Deadpool Cast - Thumbs Up

In your face lame superhero movies.

Let me say first hand, DEADPOOL is that good and a bag of chips. Funny, crazy, sexy, explosions.. fucking awesome. I found myself laughing so hard at parts that I missed the next joke as did the theater. I can imagine many people are going back to the theater for 2 scoops to watch it again. Congrats Ryan Reynolds, you have redeemed Deadpool for who he is.

Walt Disney Co. (DIS) would never put their name on this film, it's all Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (FOXA)'.  As many of you know FOXA has the license to make Marvel properties X-MEN and that includes Deadpool. 

deadpoolDEADPOOL cost $38 million to make. It was shot in Vancouver, they didn't travel all over the place, and the special effects they needed were cost efficent and looked great. They opted for less gun battles and expensive effects, replaced by close combat and outstanding dialogue. Few locations, nothing crazy like on top of a mountain or CGI battle on top of a cooling tower (oh wait that was the shitty ending for Deadpool in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE).

As of Sunday, the international total had topped $132 million. Fox estimated Monday that the international total would hit $150 million, pushing worldwide grosses to $300 million.


One word - Thrifty.

Via i09 Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and mere days before the film was set to get an official green light, the writers, director and producers sat down with 20th Century Fox executives, and were given a near impossible task.

“We had to carve something like $7-8 million out of the budget in a 48-hour window,” Reese told io9. “And we, as a group, just put our heads together, got creative, and said ‘How do we cut what is essentially nine pages out of a 110 page script?’” 

It wasn’t easy. The duo had already been tinkering with their script and making changes at least once a year over the course of six and a half years of development. The most radical of those changes involved creating a version that dialed the film’s violence and balls-to-the-wall humor down from R to PG-13. Thankfully, that didn’t stick, but several other changes did.

Including some last-minute changes that were done purely to trim the budget.

“Angel Dust, played by Gina Carano, used to be three different characters,” Reese explained. “It was Garrison Kane, Sluggo and Wire. There was a reduction of action. We had a motorcycle chase between Deadpool and Ajax on the freeway that we took out. We had a big, big gun fight in the third act that we took out and we basically had Deadpool forget his guns as a means of getting around it. So there were just reductions.”

Word is DEADPOOL 2 has been given the green light. The next installment will get more money and anyone who saw DEADPOOL over the weekend would welcome a more beefed up version of the film. However what made it great was the storyline, humor and grittiness of the film. Because they were forced to do so much with so little they got creative and made a spectacular film.

4 STARS - Highly recommend to see in the theatre.MASTERY Bottom Line (Flying Kick Style)